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Suspended License Lawyer in Fresno

The DMV Point System & License Suspension

In order to discourage motorists from committing dangerous or multiple traffic violations, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) utilizes a point system. For each traffic violation a person commits, they receive a certain number of points. For example, a ticket for reckless driving will result in two points being added to an offender's driving record. Should a person receive four points in a year, six points in two years, or eight points in three years, their license will be suspended. Also, driving under the influence will result in an automatic license suspension for six months.

DMV Hearings & License Reinstatement

If you have had your license suspended for a crime you did not commit, or if you need to request a hardship license so that you can still drive while your case is in progress, then you will have to attend a DMV administrative hearing. These hearings are mandatory if you want to have your license restores, so be sure to speak with an attorney who is qualified to represent you in such a hearing. It is best to regain your right to drive legally, and those that choose to drive on a suspended license can endure further penalties, including an increase in the duration of the suspension.

The DMV may allow for a restricted driver's license and this can allow you the ability to drive to your work. Being without a license is a challenging thing and you do not want to lengthen this period. There are a number of factor that can be the cause of this penalty, and we understand that you may be innocent or may be penalized more harshly than when you deserve. There are likely fines that will be necessary and once you meet the requirements of your suspension, whether it is a time period of taking other actions, then you can seek having it reinstated.

Sometimes the period can be shortened by working with a skilled attorney that knows the ins and outs of these matters. Sawl Law Group is skilled in such cases and could also fight your charges of DUI or any other traffic violation. Call today for answers to all of your license suspension and DMV hearing questions. Our team is prepared to counsel and represent you and help you regain your driving privileges.

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As seasoned trial lawyers, our legal team could use their 40 years of combined experience to build a strong defense on your behalf. For more than 20 years, we have provided criminal defense for those who have been wrongfully accused of crimes and represented them in DMV hearings. Learn more about how we could fight your charges through a free consultation with our firm. We could help!

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